Who needs a personal shopper this winter?

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If you want to become your own personal shopper, now it’s easier than ever. Do you like knowing what the latest trends are and staying ahead to get the most modern garments? Don’t hesitate, register for a specific course or master’s degree taught by experts in the field, such as those offered by Condé Nast College, Esneca or Aitziber Etxebarrieta. Meanwhile, we’ll tell you some details about our proposal on the internet.

Ferent shop, your online personal shopper

If you like always being several months ahead of the rest and you hate mass-produced clothing which detracts from your personality, you’ll find everything you need to succeed on this website. You’ll always find the latest fashion trends and a wide variety of garments in our catalogue, so you can update your wardrobe easily from home.

Features of our online store

Among other things, our website stands out for being different from usual thanks to features like those we tell you about here:

– Offering you a photograph of the garment and several photographs of a model wearing it, front and back, so you know exactly how it’s worn and you can get a more accurate idea of how it would fit you.

– The files for each product are sufficiently complete. You’ll be able to find out the manufacturing material, the available sizes and all the necessary details so you can decide whether or not you want to buy that garment.

Personalized attention is offered, by phone, email or WhatsApp, to receive more information about the garment you’re interested in.

Showroom Studio. Only by seeing how a garment moves will you know if it suits your needs. By participating in this online initiative, you’ll have a private personal shopper who will advise you on how to update your wardrobe and the best clothes to update your personal style.

– You’ll have the opportunity to find out about all the news of the sector. The store organizes activities continuously, so you never stop learning about the different advances produced in the fashion industry. Webinars, workshops and various events will help you to shop better and when you become a personal shopper, to adapt to the tastes of your clientele in order to achieve success.

In short, we always offer you the same benefits in the online ( and physical stores, eliminating barriers and making you participate in a new way of understanding fashion. It’s all to have a personalized style and for starting to become your own personal shopper now. Don’t hesitate to train to open the doors to a very promising future job and trust Ferent to always be up to date with the many new developments produced in the fashion sector. Surely your clientele, or your wardrobe, will thank you for the gesture.

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