Replace your denim shorts with One Teaspoon Bandits

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We’re living in a time of spectacular change in women’s fashion. For example, denim shorts are being pushed aside by an unstoppable trend which encourages you to wear increasingly specific sports shorts. Athleisure shorts are in. Are you ready?

Denim shorts make way for salty dogs

There are many indicators that sportswear’s winning over new aesthetic terrain at breakneck speed. In fact, more and more jeans are taking on a sporty look to keep up with the times. A clear example is the presence of elastic belts in many of them and, consequently, belts’ progressive fall into oblivion.

Faded indigo, a very good denim imitation, will quickly become part of your life and will allow you to wear a similar but even more comfortable look. These trousers are super light and fit your appearance even better!

Denim shorts had become a basic in our outfits. Of course, they played a major role in summer looks, especially those related to the beach and the pool. You used to wear them with casual tops or t-shirts and charming sandals, espadrilles or trainers. In addition, you’d also turn to them when you were looking for a more elevated outfit with an alternative air. Long coats, wide jumpers and stylish blouses played an important role.

However, now you’re going to turn your back on them. Because sporty shorts are vigorously entering this reality. The most powerful trend in contemporary fashion is specifically to decontextualise athleisure clothing and combine it with garments of the opposite conception. Cashmere jumpers, oversized jewellery, puffed sleeves, plunging blouses and high boots or high heels blend naturally with these shorts and bermudas in their sporty nature, fabric and design. Get comfortable for the sport of living!

Some impressive Bandits.

Have you heard of Bandits trousers? You may not recognise this name, but you’ve probably seen this colour countless times and you’re sure to love it. We’re talking about blue denim with a washed and faded effect which mimics the usual denim tone. Its aesthetics are very natural and flattering.

The Australian brand One Teaspoon specialises in this type of design. Their creations in soft blue fabrics with modern and comfortable cuts make them a benchmark for contemporary Bandits shorts. As soon as you discover them, your jeans will pay for the consequences. Their sporty lines and details will enchant you from the very first moment. Try them!

What’s the conclusion? Pack up most of your denim shorts and leave plenty of room in your wardrobe for athleisure and Bandits shorts from One Teaspoon. Choose yours!


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