Denim forever. Also for this winter 2021, by these brands!

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Denim has become one of the most popular fabrics for women to wear on any occasion. Not only as jeans, but also shirts, jackets, vests and more. Do you want to discover some of the best denim garments for winter 2021?

Denim forever

Denim stopped being a fabric for young people in order to become an essential for all. It’s modern, versatile and stylish. Among the star garments you can find jeans. Currently, you have models which favour all body types: slim fit, mom jeans, loose fit, flared… The important thing is that they fit your figure well.

  • Slim fit look good if you’re slim and thin. It’s not the best model if you have wide hips.
  • High-waisted mom jeans are ideal if you want to look more stylish and conceal your hips.
  • Loose fit are very baggy jeans ideal for sturdier silhouettes or for anyone who loves to wear baggy clothes.
  • Flares are wide leg jeans from the 1970s which are back in fashion. Very flattering trousers which are very stylish if you know how to combine them.

Another of the most versatile denim garments is the waistcoat. You can wear it both with trousers and dresses, with t-shirts or sweaters. In addition, it gives us the possibility of customizing it to our liking with lace, embroidery, sequins, patches

Lastly, you can’t forget the denim jacket. Not only is it ideal to wear with casual clothes, it’s also perfect with formal garments you want to give a touch of modernity and relevance to. Do you want the latest trend in denim jackets? Choose it in tie dye.

Some ideas for winter 2021

If you like to be aware of the latest trends, you can’t forget to choose some denim garments for winter 2021. At Ferent we have brands recognized for their good work in the world of denim such as One Teaspoon. What do we recommend?

  • The oversized denim waistcoat, inspired by the 1980s. An item with multiple options that’s ideal with leatherette pants and both shirts and Perkins style sweaters.
  • A midi skirt in khaki. The midi is in fashion and, even better if you combine it in a straight denim skirt. Ideal to wear with tennis shoes or cowboy style boots. A skirt you can get a lot out of.
  • The denim biker jacket, another of the October 2021 denim garments that you need to have as a wardrobe basic. A denim jacket can help you create hundreds of different outfits.

If you want the best clothes for winter 2021, choose denim.

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