What are the trends this spring?

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Spring is a season of the year which always encourages you to wear your best clothes. It’s a period when the cold is left behind and you can wear dresses more comfortably. Also, the days start to get longer, so there’s more light and optimism. This time, the change of season in our wardrobe is going to be just as stimulating.

The best in for women this spring

Every year new ideas are sought to show the best designs for spring and summer fashion. Here garments from the classic white dress to garments with flowers and polka dots come in, perfectly suited to the good weather. In addition, it’s a time when you still go out a lot during the day, so the sun will accompany us when we wear these dresses.

There are a few months where polka dots prevail, as well as excessive flowers on both dresses and women’s blouses. On the other hand, we could also consider white dresses a safe bet for your trips at this time of year. White is a colour you can mix perfectly with other clothes, such as jackets or pendants.

In fact, this last aspect is quite relevant, since these months are favourable to brand new accessories, such as bags, necklaces or bracelets. The good weather means you can wear short sleeves at some times of day, especially in the hottest hours. Therefore, choose gold and silver pendants and bracelets, as well as chains with emblems or hearts.

Likewise, we recommend matching bags which draw attention to your outfits. In this way, you’ll be perfectly dressed and in line with spring and summer trends.

Your men’s basics for spring 2021

If women have their own outfits for this time of year, men aren’t going to be any different. For this reason, we’ll highlight some garments which will become a trend. Oversized shirts and t-shirts will be worn on the hottest days. If you combine them with shorts, you’ll be fashionable and everyone will look at you.

Denim and faded trousers remain in men’s wardrobes this year. These garments are a classic which never goes out of style.

We also highlight geometric prints, which can be combined in many ways, as well transparent effects, especially in blouses. The white and blue colour palette will be all the rage since it gives off a cool and relaxed feel.

In short, these garments will be the trends for the coming months. With them you’ll not only be fashionable, but you’ll be completely comfortable due to their textures and good manufacturing properties.

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