We present you three trends of this spring 2020.

We present you three trends of this spring 2020.

Hiper femenine style:

In a romantic or genderless/masculine style. This 2020 we find a strong claim and inspiration for women and the empowerment of the figure of women in the world of fashion. In this season’s collections converge both pieces of a strong romantic and sweet inspiration as well as male and sophisticated 70s style garments that reinforce the figure of women.

Baby colours:

Although 2019 has been strongly influenced by the camel and beige colours, this spring, as expected, colour is reborn in cheerful and sweet tones. Pink or baby blue are among the favorites. On the other hand, about the basics, black and white have been strongly joined by the grey colour.

Lingerie and slip style:

A trend that has returned, if it never left: bras in sight. The ’90s are a trend and with them the lingerie style returns. Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani have been great hosts of this trend and Madonna, along with Jean Paul Gautier, was undoubtedly the architect of this revolution. Now, after two decades, this trend is reinventing itself in a more subtle and extremely sensual way. Unbutton a shirt until your most sophisticated bra is slightly revealed.

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