Top 10 womenswear: the autumn-winter garments you can’t miss

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If you want to maintain that fashionable image, these 10 basic garments shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe this autumn-winter. This year you can’t miss out on fringes and shoulder pads, and leather is one of the fabrics which will undoubtedly set trends.

Your autumn-winter wardrobe basics

This is the top 10 of autumn-winter clothes which you should consider if you’re a true fashionista. You can’t miss leather clothing and other surprises which have crept into winter fashion at the last minute.

10. Cord skirt

This is undoubtedly one of the garments you’ll easily find in various brands. Show your femininity by combining it with a plain shirt (preferably white) this autumn.

9. Combat boots

Combat boots continue to be on trend, so comfortable and typical of women with character. They are perfect for wearing with a long skirt or black trousers. Stomp wherever you go.

8. Jeans

It’s true that jeans are very useful, because they allow you to play around with fashion, creating looks which are more elegant or less elegant. You can combine them with a leather jacket and they even go well with a jumper.

7. Fringe pants

Fringe pants are essential this year if you want to be fashionable. You’ll look great in some brown ones with a long-sleeved shirt, preferably checked, in the American style.

6. A gabardine

The gabardine is a garment that has been accompanying us for decades. Now fashion brings it back with great momentum, showing you they look great with light tones and long pants.

5. A cape

In addition to being practical for autumn, having a cape in your wardrobe is essential for any woman. A black one will combine with almost any shade and garment. Just remember to respect the colour wheel.

4. Plain sweater

In addition to being a simple garment, a plain sweater is essential. Without a doubt, it will be useful for the cold, but it also allows you to create an elegant outfit only with matching trousers or a long skirt. Always choose pastel shades.

3. Fringe leather jacket

The fringe leather jacket is a trend this autumn-winter. It allows for casual looks and goes well with jeans, for example. Combine it with a white shirt to show off this garment better.

2. An elegant coat

For winter you shouldn’t lack a good coat which shows elegance. Of course, you should go in your best dress, which you can wear at family meals or company events.

1. Fashionable masks

This year has made us wear this accessory which, thanks to some designers, has become just one more garment. Don’t be afraid of matching your mask with your outfit.

Now you have a complete wardrobe for this autumn-winter.


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