Say goodbye to skinny jeans

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There’s no doubt that skinny jeans have been the undisputed kings of our wardrobes for many years. Their flattering style and the comfort of the stretch fabric have made them be on trend for over ten years. However, all kingdoms come to an end and if you want to continue in the latest style, it’s best to put them aside to make room for other shapes.

Darwin has already said it. When change comes, those who survive are those who best adapt to the new situation. If you also live by the mantra “innovate or die”, it’s time to look around the best fashion brands and discover which of the new trends best suit your personal style. Next, we bring you a selection of the most popular ones, with which you’ll surely forget your skinny trousers forever.

Mum jeans

The famous mum jeans are a style of jeans causing a sensation among younger girls. They have a very high-waisted silhouette and are tight around the hips, but looser when you go further down the thighs. They received this name because their appearance is similar to those worn by mothers in the 80s and 90s.

If you’re not ready for a completely straight leg, you’ll love this option, since not much fabric falls on the ankles. Another characteristic element is its 100% cotton composition, which makes the denim fabric completely rigid.

Straight jeans

Straight jeans are the ones with a more traditional look. Although the exact pattern will depend on the brand you buy, it’s normal for the leg width to be the same from the hip to the ankle. Nowadays, you can find them in high, medium or even low rise. Yes please! You read that right! According to fashion experts, the next big trends will be hip-height waistbands.

Elephant leg

You’ll also see them described as wide leg trousers. Unlike straight jeans, instead of clinging to the thigh, they are roomy from the hips. Depending on the brand and the design, you can find models which are made wider thanks to the use of pleats or simply with a wider cut from the hips to the ankles.

As you can see, the end of skinny jeans doesn’t have to mean you stop enjoying jeans. With our suggestions you can continue to wear your favourite garment, but with a more modern and refreshed touch. If you’re not sure which shape is for you, we recommend you try several until you find the one that best suits you.

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