Quick guide to footwear this winter

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The new collection of winter footwear for 2021 is here to delight us with its interesting combination of materials and bright colours. With these new models, combining fashion trends with personal taste will be an easy task. And there’s nothing like the accessories which best adapt to your needs in order to be able to customize every outfit in your wardrobe to the maximum.

Walking out in style

With the arrival of the cold season, fashion changes and we like to reinvent almost all parts of our life. Of course, our wardrobe isn’t be any different! Next, we present the most interesting trends in shoes, those which can’t be missing from your shoe rack. You can create endless looks that will be the envy of all your friends.

Say yes to Victorian boots

The legendary Victorian lace-up ankle boots are more fashionable than ever. And it’s no surprise, since their stylized shape allows you to give that chic touch to many combinations, whether with a skirt or with trousers. In addition, you can find them in different colours and textures so you can further customize your clothing.

Create a trend with metallic shoes

Are you passionate about shine? Then you can’t be without some metallic boots this autumn-winter season. Your feet will be the centre of attention! Combine them with a mini skirt or a flared midi skirt and be the most glamorous of the party. You can choose them in the colour which suits you best: metallic gold, silver… even purple.

Moccasins and flats

The flat shoe and moccasins come with a fresh look. Many models are reinvented in a more sober way. If you’re a lover of the most classic trends, don’t miss out on a pair this autumn! On the other hand, other designs opt for jewel details and more striking buckles. They’re perfect for an everyday outfit, as they’re characterized by their comfort and elegance. With a blouse in a neutral tone, a blazer, your best jeans and the most fashionable moccasins, no one will outshine you.

Trainers for a perfect daily look

Trainers are still on the up. With a platform, in bright or neutral colours, sports, casual, combining different materials… Whatever your style, this winter season there are some trainers waiting for you. Designers have chosen the practical velcro closure. But if you still love lace-up trainers, you’ll find dozens of models to your liking.

In short, the 2021 winter footwear has much to give. Metallic boots, ankle boots, trainers, flat shoes, etc. Choose the shoes which best suit your style and personality and make a difference!


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