How to combine colours to always look great

Knowing how to combine colours is essential if you want to always look magnificent. We must put aside some errors we make with our outfits. If we stick to the colour norms indicated by the fashion colour wheel, we’ll undoubtedly succeed. Want to know how?

Colour guidelines to dress well

If it’s easy for you to select and combine neutral tones or you think resorting to monochrome is the best decision, we encourage you to introduce bright colours which we know aren’t easy to combine into your wardrobe. Therefore, we offer you some very practical advice which, without a doubt, you’ll look great with.

5 basic recommendations

– The colour wheel allows you to make your colour choice easily. It’s true that in recent years, trends seem to have gone crazy, but everything makes sense.

As you well know, trends change, but you shouldn’t worry about them as long as you make use of some basic rules. Start by choosing two colours on the wheel which appear close together. Combine them in your outfit, knowing beforehand that you’ve got it right. You can also try two shades that contrast in the wheel, that is, which appear parallel to each other. You’ll get it just right!

– There’s always a garment that goes with everything. This happens with traditional jeans, which will never let you down if you decide to combine them with a blouse or shirt of any colour, even if it’s striking.

Also, with neutral tones, such as black and white, you have the opportunity of choosing bright colours without being afraid of looking bad.

– Combining three colours can complicate things a little for everyone. Years ago, accessories allowed us to play around in this regard. Our advice is that when choosing between harmony or contrast, decide not to take too many risks and wear an accessory that matches the colour of one of your garments, without abandoning the two-tone style.

Avoid unwanted contrasts, unless your instincts tell you otherwise. Many times intuition can distinguish you as a fashion.

Monochromatic can make you stand out, but it will also make you look boring, unless you’re wearing a party dress.

For daily life you should be more creative. Plain colours are fine, but not for your whole outfit. So, choose a pattern on one of your garments or checks or stripes, which will achieve a very successful balance.

– If you love a shiny, sequined, gold or silver blouse, be careful with the rest of the clothes. Black is the colour which will never let you down for these combinations.

Learning how to combine colours can be complex. Luckily, we have the wheel, so popular in fashion. By listening to it, you’ll never fail. While safe, monochromatic can be boring.

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