Essential key points for choosing accessories this spring 2021

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More and more people are wondering about the fashion accessories which will be worn in the coming months, especially in the spring and summer seasons. Well, trends have been adjusting to extend to handmade and personalized creations which give character to our style. In other words, more than ever, clothing will show what our tastes are like when we dress.

Key concepts in the new accessory collection

Customize your outfit is something you’ve surely heard sometime in your life. Well, this spring is the opportunity to listen to the people who told you this. It’s time to choose new designs, which will be more personalized than ever, since aspects such as naturalness, handcrafted origin and worn finishes prevail.

In other words, a formula which promotes completely personalized clothing items for both men and women, from shoes to caps or earrings. You can put your own stamp on the garments and accessories you have, to which we add three quite specific characteristics.

On one hand, the artisan character develops into sustainable messages and an update of minimalism with poetry as a source of inspiration and with a greater importance of the sentimental. On the other hand, transformation also plays a fundamental role, since inspiration comes from the sea, which makes us adopt a spirit of supervenience and wear worn clothes.

Finally, the GameScape concept stands out, because it claims that personal expression will be key, seeking to cause a sensation and show that the digital world is more present than ever. In fact, it will be normal to see garments with recycled materials, mixing modern and historical references.

Basic accessories for this spring

Once we’ve talked about the concepts these new trends will pivot on, we’ll highlight some specific accessories for women which you can go really cool with this new season. We’ll start by highlighting hats as an accessory which is being increasingly used, and this spring will take the definitive leap to be normalized in society.

We’ll also be able to see open sandals with light colours in these coming months, as we mustn’t forget that they’re cool shoes as well as very comfortable and ideal for the hottest days. Finally, we can complement the outfit with a clear bag matching the garment we’re wearing, especially if we’ve decided to go out in a white dress.

In short, these accessories teach us that in spring we want to wear lighter shades and, above all, choose designs that show us just as we are. In this way, we’ll see how customization will play a fairly important role between now and the end of summer.


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