7 frequent mistakes in our women’s winter outfits

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We may subconsciously commit style mistakes on a recurring basis. To avoid them you just have to pay attention to correcting them in time. In order to help you always be perfect, we’ve selected the 7 most frequently-occurring mistakes in winter, which you should take into account.

What you should avoid in your outfits this winter

Sometimes we forget it’s winter and take too many risks with certain looks, making blunders. At other times, customizing trends allows us to show our personality, although we need to know how to do it.

Combining a hooded coat with dress clothes

This is a very common failure, because the rain surprises us and we try to cover ourselves up with the first thing we find in the wardrobe. In a matter of seconds, what was an elegant suit or dress is spoiled by a hooded coat, destroying the whole look. Better to use an umbrella and a coat in keeping with the style you’re wearing.

Bigger than your size

No matter how comfortable and warm a coat is, if it’s too big you should rule it out. Surely you’ll find another model you like and which is the perfect fit. It’s true it can be very difficult to fight the cold, but if you prefer to make a good impression, follow our recommendations.

Excessively colourful

Although your style is defined by colour, in winter you should aim to respect trends and choose more muted tones. You can wear an appropriate garment under your coat, such as a red tone for an evening event.

Shorts with tights

Many people tried to turn this impossible outfit into a trend, but to no avail. Please don’t try this again, because the first thing people will think is that you’re getting unnecessarily cold, instead of how pretty you are.

Say no to imitations

When you can’t, you can’t. It’s preferable to choose a brand affordable to your budget than an imitation which is obvious to those who know the brand well. Plus, you don’t need a logo to show you’re fashionable.

Evening looks are not for the daytime

In order to look amazing in broad daylight, you might make the mistake of choosing an evening dress that shows off your cleavage and other charms. Remember that it’s an evening dress, the name says it all. Respect this because you’ll look bad if you don’t.

Excessive accessories

It’s one thing to wear a lot of clothes to protect yourself from the cold and another to wear excessive accessories. Forget combining your coat with a large hat. If you’re going to respect the trend of XL earrings, don’t wear more jewellery which overdoes your look.

Outfit fails

You can get rid of imitations, but you can always save garments from outfit fails to wear at the right time.

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