Dresses for women

Evening and day dresses for women

With dresses you have an infinity of possibilities where to choose, and it is that a great catalogue and infinity of styles of dress exist with them. From party dresses, elegant and sophisticated, to shirt dresses, bohemian or urban dresses to the simplest and even sporty ones, the dresses are presented as an ultra-feminine garment that is enough by itself to shine with its own light.

One of their main characteristics is that each one of them is expressly designed for a specific occasion. Whether you want to go to a party, to the beach, to an event or simply to have a coffee with your friends, there will be that dress that fits perfectly for the occasion. Moreover, as it is a one piece garment, it will be easily combined with all kinds of accessories.

At Tanngo.shop we have the one you are looking for, and all of them from top brands. Enjoy the soft and fresh textures of the simple dresses of ALIX The Label, take a chance with the original keffiyeh dresses of Rough Studios, bet on the casual and sexy style of One Teaspoon or, if you are looking for a more sophisticated style; Rabens Saloner is your choice. There are an infinite number of possibilities to choose from fabrics, shapes, styles and colors… Short dresses for a crazy party night or long dresses for a more glamorous occasion.

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