Rabens Saloner - Clothes made by hand and heart

”The essence of Rabens Saloner is the feeling that everything is made by heart. The garments are often handmade and hand-dyed using traditional craftsmanship methods, which is why no two tie-dye pieces are identical.”

– Birgitte Raben, creative director

Modernity and traditional crafts are the basis of the Rabens Saloner firm. Founded in 2007 by creative director Birgitte Raben. The brand’s collections are full of contemporary elegance, bathed in swirls and splashes of color. Tie-dye skirts, palazzo pants, jumpsuits, cotton shirts, unique pieces.

Between Copenhagen and Bali, where Birgitte spends six months a year, Rabens Saloner captures an adventurous eclecticism infused with a sensual rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

With the collaboration of a close-knit team of local Balinese craftsmen and dyers, the Rabens Saloner collections are pieces for a wardrobe of today and forever, timeless and quality pieces.

The brand’s signature tints continually push creative boundaries, made entirely by hand with only the human eye as a guide, making each piece completely unique and exclusive.

Love, tranquility and abundance are the foundations of visual language, which celebrates individuality and space to dream. The collections are innately adapted to all-day wardrobe, where effort and creativity collide in draped silhouettes that bring a feeling of informality to the powerfully feminine.