Zadig & Voltaire - Sophisticated Beachwear Collection

Zadig & Voltaire is a brand founded in 1997 in Paris by Thierry Gillier, entrepreneur and grandson of the co-founder of Lacoste. The original idea of ​​the brand is to create “affordable luxury“, creating and establishing a new idea of ​​luxury, giving life to a community of loyal fans around the world.

The philosophy of the brand is “rock in the blood and art in the veins”, with a free spirit and a rock attitude.

Soft, unique and precious materials and fabrics and prints play an important role in the collections of the brand. T-shirts with messages like “amour”, “muse”, or representations of skulls or wings of angel are the most differentiating icons of the brand.

Zadig & Voltaire not only offers clothing designs among which stand out their famous cashemere jerseys, but also designs shoes, handbags, glasses, belts or perfumes. In the Spring Summer collection of 2019, the brand launches into swimwear creating a very sophisticated collection of beachwear.

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