What to give your partner this Valentine’s Day?

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February 14 is coming. Still don’t know what to give your partner? Neither flowers nor chocolates. This year, choose on a piece of clothing which allows them to be fashionable while thinking of you. Take note of these fashion gift proposals for lovers. With them, you’ll triumph this Valentine’s Day.

Items of clothing to give to boys

If you want to surprise your boyfriend with gifts that seduce as soon as you see them, choose some of these ideas.
  • A new-look shirt. A classic which never goes out of fashion. In 2021 it reinvents itself with a new look. The shirt stops being wide and with a certain bohemian air, to go on to outline the body of the person wearing it. That doesn’t mean it should look tight. Nothing could be further from the truth. The important thing is that it’s moulded. Colours and patterns are characterized by variety.
  • Sunglasses
    . An essential item. As soon as the good weather arrives, protecting your eyes from the sun helps take care of them, but also gives a more sophisticated air to those who include them in their look. The retro ones, equipped with coloured lenses, promise to triumph as much as the sports ones, whose designs are characterized by being modern and current.
  • Caps. They aim to be the star accessory in urban fashion. Models inspired decades ago will triumph, such as those linked to the sports world, although they’re now being reinvented to reach a young audience. Basic, with mesh or retro. Any of these will be a success.

New season’s clothes to give to girls

If you’re looking for some of the new season’s clothes to give to your girlfriend, you have a wide and varied range of possibilities at your fingertips. These are some of the designs you’ll be successful with:
  • A dress with airs of Ibiza. Under the sun, white is the star colour. Choose it when buying a dress which will go with her on her beach trips, at meetings in a trendy bar and at parties that begin with the sunset. It doesn’t matter whether it has straps, embroidery or an A-line cut. All are valid
  • Wide cloth pants
    with coloured prints. Able to be mistaken for a skirt, this garment is cinched at the waist in order to extend to the ankles. It’s ideal for hot days. You can give it to her with a matching top.
  • Bermuda shorts
    . They never went out of style, but this season they promise to prevail with the most diverse looks, even combined with blazers, reinventing the traditional jacket suit.
  • Blouses with slight balloon sleeves
    . Another classic which evolves to continue being a trend in the most diverse fabrics and colours.
Give fashion for lovers and celebrate a memorable Valentine’s Day.

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