Sarah Pacini: the brand that works in knitting with unbeatable quality

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The Sarah Pacini company is an international benchmark in the world of fashion. A brand which has a history of more than 20 years of creativity, its own style and design, which nowadays has exclusive stores and boutiques located in different parts of the world. This is a company with an artistic vision of design. The firm continued evolving internationally in 2002; we tell you everything you need to know about it.

The universe of the Sarah Pacini company

Every woman is unique and this fashion philosophy therefore reflects the essence of each protagonist. Art is one of the values of a brand that proposes a style aligned with comfort. Through fashion, each protagonist can express the authenticity of their inner world and also their life.

This fashion firm inspires you with suggestions that become part of your dressing room thanks to the timeless aesthetics of the designs. In this way, each garment evolves in each new season, throughout the years, maintaining its original appeal.

This is one of the firm’s main strengths. The beauty of their creations enhances their perfection from the expression of the simplicity of the features to the lines that define the design of each garment. A style with a minimalist essence. In addition, their extensive catalogue allows you to create outfits accompanied by other accessories and comfortable footwear. In other words, this fashion firm inspires, with a philosophy that links the designs, fabrics and lines of each piece with authenticity.

Knitwear with a lot of charm

And the firm continues to evolve with new style goals. The new autumn collection surprises with contemporary feminine trends and a very urban touch. Leather is one of the fabrics that stands out in different items of the catalogue. In addition to leather, knits are one of the textures that identify the style of this brand with international projection. Jackets, skirts, coats, shirts, dresses, trousers, cardigans and sweaters, along with other garments, make up the feminine universe of autumn in its new collection.

Sarah Pacini proposes fashion with personality for men and women who enjoy art and trends in their life. The company’s men’s fashion catalogue presents comfortable, current and versatile designs since they’re not only perfect for wearing at work, but also for enjoying a special event or outing at the weekend. A casual and groomed everyday style.

As you can see, Sarah Pacini proposes timeless inspiration for men and women through a style that adapts to routine.

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