How to wear the oversize trend this winter

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The oversize style was part of our fashion decades ago. Surely garments with shoulder pads or those bell bottoms that looked so good come to mind. Luckily, the new trends bring these styles back to us. We just have to be careful not to make the typical mistakes, such as putting an oversized garment on without taking into account our figure.

The oversize style for women

Don’t think that oversize fashion is simply based on buying several sizes larger. It’s true that occasionally it may work for you, but generally the result is not what you hoped for.

In our mind are the bell bottoms or denim jackets so typical of the 80s. Their width was perfect to go with a sweater and not feel too tight, because there was still more room.

Luckily, you can find this kind of clothing again, without being afraid of seeing how the shoulder area reaches your elbows. A garment that doesn’t fit your body will never look good. Remember that baggy shouldn’t look like this. So make sure your trousers don’t look like they’re falling down.

Knitted clothing is back on trend, offering us large garments, such as sweaters, blouses and the famous XXL scarves, which cover almost the entire body. They’re perfect choices for winter, both warm and stylish.

Accessories are increasingly important. Thus, you have giant bags which will surely fascinate you with their capacity.

Oversize for men

There’s no doubt that hip hop and reggaeton have influenced new fashion trends. Men have the opportunity to find various alternatives because of that, which can be used for a daily casual outfit.

A flattering look is the denim jacket, suitable for both genders. You just have to be careful that you don’t wear it with baggy trousers if it’s oversize. You must take care of the visual balance, choosing only one wide garment in your wardrobe.

In case you want to follow this trend at an event, turning to elegant clothing, we advise you to use accessories. For men, the best solution is a knitted XXL size scarf, combined with a fitted casual suit.

Without a doubt, your wardrobe cannot be lacking in extra large jumpers, huge hats and wide pants so your oversize wardrobe is complete.

The oversize style is reminiscent of the eighties trends. Huge shoulder pads, baggy pants and roomy denim jackets are making a comeback for fashion lovers to enjoy. It’s time for you to update your wardrobe to be with it, looking as great as ever.

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