Women’s tops and bodies

Catalog of tops and bodies, from sexy to sporty

The history of the top, compared to the skirt or dress, is relatively short. The top has its origins in the United States, in the 1940s, and it was not until the 1970s, during the hippie movement, that it reached its peak of popularity. During the grunge years of the 90s it disappeared, and in 2000 it returned with more force than ever to remain until today as one of the most dressed and demanded garments by the female public.

Without a doubt, the top is a mix of luxury and urban style in one piece. The tops are very versatile. Even the most basic and smoothest can be, depending on how you combine it, the most glamorous and sophisticated. Strapless, asymmetrical, halter tops, crop tops, tight, baggy, party tops, sporty tops… There are plenty of options to combine with anything. About the bodysuits we could say that it is one of the newest garments that exist, and also one of the sexiest. There are all kinds of styles, colours and materials: you can choose a lace body, a totally plain body, a body with bardot neckline, with long sleeves, with straps, a black, white or coloured one. You don’t have to stay with the most basic ones. In addition, combined with jeans or a skirt you will get all kinds of looks. All of them very stylized and cool. In Tanngo.shop we bet on the philosophy of originality with quality; that is why you will find a catalogue of tops and bodies of premium brands such as ALIX The Label, Rough Studios, Rabens Saloner or One Teaspoon.

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