Women’s jumpers and sweatshirts

Women's jumpers and sweatshirts

Knitted sweaters, turtleneck pullovers, printed, plain, sports sweatshirts, zippered ones or hoodies. Follow the trends or choose a basic one. Sweaters, a piece that has been with us for centuries, has become a trend due to its many designs, shapes and colors. Combine sweaters and sweatshirts with daring pieces to achieve modern and attractive looks. Combine them with long and flowing skirts, with mini-skirts, wide trousers and even on top of a dress. The style is up to you.

The sweaters are pieces that, in their beginnings, were destined to cover a necessity: to protect themselves from the cold. We have thinner sweaters for the mid-season or thicker ones made of warmer materials such as wool sweaters for the winter. Nowadays, apart from covering this important need, there are many designs and styles to choose from. Anyway, and due to their original mission, the materials of the sweaters and sweatshirts, as well as of many warm clothes, must be of high quality: they must be warm, they must not itch (especially turtleneck jumpers) and they must be comfortable.

At Tanngo we want you to dress in the latest fashion and with a differentiated and original style, but never without renouncing to quality. That’s why warm clothes like the jumpers, sweatshirts and hoodies from Rough Studios, One Teaspoon, Alix The Label and Sarah Pacini not only fulfil an aesthetic function, but also a functional one.

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