Suit with shorts: you have to wear it

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Bermuda shorts with a suit are about to become a must for the 2021 spring/ summer season. The great bet of the best known designers in the world promises to take to the streets so you can show it off at the many events you’ll have the chance to attend.

The suits to come: combinations and proposals

The suit look already prevails on the main catwalks, ready to also hit hard in street style. The arrival of good weather and the rise in temperature will catapult it to success. Get thinking about which of the existing variations best suits your tastes.

The play of volumes allows you to opt for a design that outlines your silhouette, for a straight cut or for one designed in an oversize key. The trouser length plays both to extend to below the knee or to expose it, and even transform into shorts.

Colours make a difference and you can choose from a wide range. From sober grey to the most striking fuchsia, through the most diverse shades and patterns, such as those inspired by paintings of all kinds.

If these suits are characterized by anything, it’s their versatility. They allow you to radically change your final image if you use a more informal blouse or shirt. The same thing happens with the footwear you add. Try it with high heels to go to work and with flat sandals or even sports shoes for trips with friends.

The linen finish will be ideal for hot days, but don’t rule out other materials such as denim either.

Bermuda shorts, the perfect complement to a suit

Your dressing room can’t be lacking that suit which will get you out of a thousand troubles. In 2021 this proposal is reinvented to give rise to Bermuda shorts or shorts with a blazer. The combination couldn’t be more attractive.

It’s an evolution which will seduce the youngest, and also women who have already turned forty. Whatever your situation, you can’t do without these pieces of clothing which will be a trend in the coming months.

You can choose an outfit of black blazer and shorts and incorporate a blouse with a floral print, where shades of pink predominate. Complete the outfit with loafers and a shoulder bag, both in pale pink.

Another no less seductive idea will be that of moderately wide yellow Bermuda shorts cinched at the waist with a belt. Add a matching blazer and a white or black puff sleeve top. Don’t forget some mid-heeled sandals and a handbag.

In short, succumb to the temptation of wearing a pair of shorts with a suit and dare to show off your legs and style!


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