Women’s lingerie, underwear and pajamas

Women's quality lingerie, underwear and pyjamas

Women’s underwear is playing a bigger and bigger role in dressing. We are increasingly aware that to be radiant on the outside we need to feel comfortable and beautiful on the inside. That is why lingerie companies today are committed to innovating and creating those pieces that fit more comfortably and accurately to the different silhouettes of women, as well as choosing to offer the best quality fabrics and a beautiful and original aesthetic.

Without a doubt, women’s lingerie today comes in a thousand and one shapes, fabrics and colours. Thongs, shorts, bralettes, underwired bras, push-up bras, sports bras… The woman’s body is something beautiful to be proud of and that is why underwear is increasingly being worked on, making it more aesthetically elaborate and offering an infinite number of different pieces.

In Tanngo.shop we believe that underwear is a beautiful garment, very feminine and cute that should not be ignored when dressing. That’s why we bet on Love Stories, a versatile and comfortable lingerie brand that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Underwire-free bralettes, panties, culottes, thongs, pyjamas… In tulle, satin or the softest cotton, this brand makes each collection unique, each one made up of comfortable pieces with eclectic and daring prints to mix and match the lingerie you like the most.

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