Small Honey Exclusive black bag


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We present the new Núnoo model: Small Honey Croco Suede, the perfect mix between suede and croco.

The Small Honey model is slightly smaller than the normal Honey model. Ideal for evening wear or to carry the essentials: keys, mobile phone and a small wallet. We love the black colour with the croco combination.

Small Honey Exclusive black bag

The flap on the bag is made of a recycled coat, which is why it is upcycling.

The Small Honey is a little smaller than our normal Honey, which makes it perfect for a night out. Small Honey has two compartments, which are separated by a zippered pocket, in which you can put all your important things, so you can find them quickly.

Composition and care / Characteristics

  • Colour: Black.
  • Material: leather/ cotton.
  • Measurements: L: 13 cm x Al: 20 cm x D: 8 cm.


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